Insurer halts £250k bogus whiplash claim from party bus clubbers

8th January 2016


Insurer Aviva put the brakes on a dodgy insurance claim worth £250,000 involving 46 clubbers on a party bus.


A total of 46 clubbers in Crewe tried to claim more than £250,000 in whiplash claims after the party bus they were travelling on was involved in a low-speed collision.


The bus was travelling at less than 10mph when a car bumped into it at a roundabout. Although the incident caused just £70 of damage and  none of the revellers were aware of the crash when it happened or sought medical attention, they went on to file bogus insurance claims.


The insurer said it has had over 4,000 whiplash claims linked to ‘cash for crash’ claims and said there were 19% more organised scam in 2015 compared to the year before.


Aviva uncovered the bogus claim as part of an operation in the North West looking at staged accidents involving buses and multiple claimants.


Tom Gardiner, head of fraud at Aviva, said: ‘This claim highlights the outrageous scale of whiplash fraud in the UK being driven by the current system, and which frankly has become a national disgrace.


‘We believe our customers are fed up paying for spurious and fraudulent injury claims through their premiums and they expect us to defend these claims on their behalf.’


Gardner said the only damage to the bus was a ‘one-inch split on his bumper’ and ‘neither he nor anything else inside his ehicle was moved by the impact’.


‘Given this, and the £70 worth of damage to the bus, it was highly unlikely that such a minor bump could result in so many injuries,’ he said.


‘Despite evidence the claims were bogus, 21 of the 23 litigated claimants were still represented by just two firms of solicitors at trial, resulting in considerable legal costs being incurred. This also highlights the abuse of courts and the significant drain on public resources as a result of fraudulent claims.’


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