Barry Eichengreen on the Euro

3rd May 2012

Is Gold Today's Safest Investment?

Americans believe gold is a better long-term bet than stocks, bonds, or real estate. Do they have a point? The Atlantic


Education Is the Key to a Healthy Economy

"An improved education system would lead to a dramatically different future for the U.S., because educational outcomes strongly affect economic growth and the distribution of income." Hoover Institution


Barry Eichengreen on the Euro

With hindsight, was the euro a good idea? Will it come through the present crisis intact or will any country decide to leave? And what happens if they do? All this and more answered by the economics professor. The Browser


Germany's Neighborhood Watch

Mohamed A. El-Erian argues that unless European officials continue to make steadfast progress – with the Germans leading the way – tensions will continue to linger between Berlin and its neighbours – most notably eurozone's periphery. Project Syndicate


3 Likely Triggers Of The Next Recession

The speculation about the next recession has raged ever since the last one ended in 2009. Will it be in 2012 or 2013 or, if you believe the many mainstream economists' estimates, never? Lance Roberts provides three likely triggers that could push the US back into recession. Zero Hedge


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