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19th May 2011

Stone Street Advisers blog about why they think LinkedIn sucks. 

"I utterly and passionately despise Linkedin.  It clogs my inbox with reminders that someone with whom I already know and communicate wants to "connect" on the network."

The brilliantly named Psy-Fi (pyschology and finance – geddit?!) blog writes about so-called black swan events.

In the latest post entitled Black Swan Down it muses: "markets aren't moved by events in quite the way we think they are".

Moving on from black swans, subprime is where it's at for Josh Brown in his  The Reformed Broker blog 

In Will the Real "New Subprime" please stand up , he looks at some potential financial flashpoints that could rival the super cheap mortgages scandal. Silver, the US dollar and even commodities could be 'the new subprime" he says.

On The New York Times  You're the Boss (small business) blog entreprenuer Tom Szaky looks at a dilemma facing small independent retailers in the US.

In Should green companies work with giant companies? he muses, "I believe that green companies should work with mega corporations because even a small change in a mega system can have a very large impact. When we introduced our drink-pouch brigade, we partnered with Honest Tea and collected 22,000 pouches in the first year.Then Kraft's Capri Sun joined (Honest Tea is still a sponsor) and helped scale the program, and just a few years later, we're collecting that many pouches every five minutes "

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2 thoughts on “Best of the blogs: Mindful Money’s weekly round up”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Kim – to quote from your article  “unfortunately, it’s a general rule of life that simple, universal answers don’t exist – not the ones that are of much use, anyway. Reminds me of H.L. Mencken in that ” explanations exist; they have existed for all time. There is always a well-known solution to every human problem –  neat, plausible – and wrong” Good article, again.  

  2. Kim Stephenson says:

     Thanks Ray,
    And thanks for the correct Menken quote!  I knew it as “for every complex problem there is an  an answer that is clear, simple and wrong”.  I did consider using it, and wasn’t sure I’d got it right (quotes get so mangled over time). And you using that version made me go to look up my book of quotations and you’re spot on!

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