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13th April 2012

Facebook Friends Can Make You Poor

Can social networks be hazardous for your wealth?  – "The next time someone pops up and starts telling you about what a great trader they are ask them what was the last really duff investment they made." The Psy-Fi Blog


4 Politically Controversial Issues Where All Economists Agree

Here are a few things economists actually agree on: the benefits of free trade and NAFTA far outweigh the costs, government policies don't explain high gas prices, the stimulus and bailouts lowered the unemployment rate and a return to the gold standard is a terrible idea! The Atlantic


For Capitalism to Survive, Crime Must Not Pay

"There are too many people in the financial sector, with their enablers, familiars, and camp followers, engaged in distorting markets and public policy discussions while collecting their enormous and counterproductive entitlements from corruption, fraud, and the misery of others." Jesse's Café American


The Great Divergence In Pictures: A visual guide to income inequality

A set of graphs by Catherine Mulbrandon that cover the changes in income inequality as well as looking at changes in race, gender, education, taxes and political parties in the White House. Visualizing Economics


EM sentiment: bad, then better

What's making emerging markets investors glum? Not emerging markets, apparently. According to a survey by Société Générale, over half of its clients were bearish about emerging markets over the next two weeks. That view, however, was more than reversed when asked about the next three months. Beyond Brics


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