Best of the Finance Blogs: How much is a good central banker worth?

20th April 2012

How Much Is A Good Central Banker Worth?

Great Britain gets a lot of things wrong, like food and spelling. But here's something they get right: "They're willing to poach the best central bankers from around the world for the top spots at the Bank of England." The Atlantic


Missing a bull market is a dismissible offense

Digging through the last 15 years and some insight from British investor Jeremy Grantham's quarterly newsletter, Edward Harrison explains why missing a bull market is a dismissible offense. Credit Writedowns


An Economics Lesson from Law and Order SVU

After watching an episode in which an infant dies of measles contracted from another child whose parents refuse to vaccinate her. Daniel Hamermesh says this is a "classic case of whether concerns about potential negative externalities outweigh the desire to keep the government from dictating private behaviour." Freakonomics


The Mother Of All Infographics: Visualizing America's Derivatives Universe

This infographic shows how America's banks reap massive profits from unregulated casino-style betting, and how the derivatives bubble has grown so big that it eclipses the global economy several times over. Zero Hedge


It's Not the Speculators

With President Barack Obama announcing this week that oil markets need ‘more cops on the beat' to flush out so-called ‘evil speculators,' economist Mark Thoma makes a very strong case against the speculation hypothesis. Economist View


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