Best savings accounts of the week

25th October 2013


With UK inflation running at 2.7% savers are struggling to find a home for their cash that can beat the cost of living, we look at the best saving account deals of the week.

Savings Champion highlights Shawbrook Bank which has launched new issues of its 3, 4 and 5-year fixed rate bonds.

The 3-year fixed rate bond is paying 2.65% gross/AER, the 4-year bond is paying 2.85% gross/AER and the 5-year version is paying 3.10% gross/AER.

In addition, Shawbrook Bank has also launched a new issue of its 120 day notice account. The 120 Day Notice Personal Savings Account – Issue 12 is paying 1.80% gross/AER.

Also today, Vanquis Bank has launched a new version of its 4 Year fixed rate bond paying 2.86% gross/AER.

Check the full list of Savings Champion’s best buy tables.

For its part Moneyfacts highlights that the Post Office has launched new issues of its Reward Saver 30 day notice account, paying 1.60% upon its anniversary including a 0.70% bonus for 12 months. A monthly option is also available paying 1.58%. Savers can invest from £500 up to £2m. This deal is available to savers aged 18 and over and can be operated in branch, by post and by telephone.

In addition Sainsbury’s Bank has increased the rate on its two-year fixed rate bond, which now pays 2.10% upon its anniversary or a monthly option paying the same rate. Savers must invest from £5,000 up to a maximum of £50,000. No early access or additions are permitted. This deal is available to savers aged 18 and over and can be operated online and by telephone.

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