Beware money etiquette on first dates and ensure you pay your way

26th November 2015


Unsurprisingly the issue of bill paying can be a tricky affair on a first date and a new survey highlights just how awkward a night out could potentially become.

A study from AA Credit Cards, found that 91% of women and 77% of men are likely to refuse a second date to someone who refuses to pay their way or make other money-related faux pas.

The research identified that dates unwilling to offer money towards the bill were the top irritation with half of respondents, at 49%, admitting it would annoy them – especially if their prospective partner ordered the most expensive item on the menu.

In addition, 40% of respondents would not be keen on somebody who had ‘forgotten their wallet’ while a quarter, at 26%, urged that they cannot stand dates who flash the cash.

Notably, just 11% of men said they would always pay on a first date but only 3% of women said they would expect them to do so.

Michael Johnson, director of AA Financial Services said: “First dates can sometimes feel like a job interview and people can be eager to impress – the mystery of who is going to pay is often an awkward situation.

“Our research also highlighted some of the other peculiar money-related moments that have happened on dates. Many people seemed more concerned with finding a free meal than a new partner!”

The AA compiled the following genuine anecdotes from people who have experienced some interesting money-related blunders on dates:

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