Energy supplier SSE cutting gas bills by a ‘meagre 4.1%’

26th January 2015


Energy supplier, SSE has today announced it is cutting its standard gas prices, reducing its tariff by 4.1% from 30 April.

The cost-cutting exercise however, only adds up to an average annual saving of £28 for the typical household.

The firm is the fifth of the UK’s ‘big six’ energy suppliers to reduce gas costs, following recent reductions from E.On, Npower, British Gas and Scottish Power. The market is now waiting for EDF to follow suit.

Commenting on the announcement, Stephen Murray, energy expert at comparison site asserted that SSE has disappointed by not only passing “a meagre 4.1% cut” in the price of gas, or £28 but it is failing to pass on this benefit to customers for another three months, with prices falling on 30 April 2015.

He added: “Customers will be severely disappointed by this and with savings of £2661 to be made by switching to the best deal now, they probably shouldn’t wait to see overall their energy bills fall by just £28 a year on average, especially as prices remain high at a time when energy usage is at its highest. This is another example of energy companies failing to play fair with customers.”

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at said: “It looked as though the gas bill reductions were slowly becoming more generous, but it’s disappointing that SSE has not reduced its prices further or sooner

“Is EDF Energy going to be the one who does the right thing and announce a price cut that properly reflects the fall in wholesale prices? Energy companies need to take greater steps forward to help ease the pressure on homes trying to make ends meet – rather than simply pointing their toes in the right direction.”

2015 big six suppliers’ price changes
Supplier Change Comes into effect
 E.ON Gas: down 3.5% 13 January
British Gas Gas: down 5% 27 February
ScottishPower Gas: down 4.8% 20 February
npower Gas: down 5.1% 16 February
SSE Gas: down 4.1% 30 April


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