BP: The true cost of the US/UK blame game – 1450

22nd June 2010

The latest news is that 587.12 miles of 'containment boom' has been floated on the waters around the Gulf coast. Aside from the fact that this disaster has already cost BP $3.5 billion, the focus is now on reports that BP is looking more and more vulnerable to a bid.

And the circling bidders are none less than Exxon, the word's largest oil company, and Chevron. As the BBC's Robert Peston puts it: "They're salivating over all BP's assets, but especially its huge US operations."

And so we're back into the fray over the US/UK divide. Only this time it really is all about money. Now that the dust has settled, somewhat, and the vultures have started to circle it's starting to become plain to see;  BP has been badly damaged.

One thing's for sure, the debate over where the blame should lie is not going away any time soon. PBS Newshour has just aired this debate on the tensions between the US and the UK, proving that the 'them and us' story is not going to go away over night.

Clash of the Titans

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