Britons are missing out on extra cash by not selling their dusty and unused gadgets

24th September 2015


Despite the smoothie craze hitting the UK, once-trendy kitchen equipment – such as juicers, blenders and coffee machines – top the list of items that are going the most unused in home according to

The research lists the ‘dustiest items’ within households, putting kitchen equipment jointly at the top with electronics including game consoles, cameras and camcorders, at 23%. Slothful Brits admitted their sporting equipment goes unused with 18% declaring their tennis rackets and treadmills gather the most dust, whilst 11% say they rarely dig out their camping gear.

Further down the list, 9% of Brits own up to hoarding clothes they have never worn and 7% said beauty products and make up mostly languish unused. A further 6% admitted their DIY tools are ignored and 3% said they rarely use their lawn mowers, BBQs and shovels. In contrast DVD players are the items most commonly used.

The analysis also found that 10% of women admitted to letting clothes they have never worn gather dust, compared to only one in 20 men while 27% of men said their Xbox and PlayStation go unused, compared to one in five women

Natasha Rachel Smith, consumer affairs editor for TopCashback said: “Our research highlights a couple of factors that are causing Brits to lose out on extra cash. Firstly, consumers seem quick to jump on fad trends such as juicing and baking; possibly as a result of celebrity culture and programmes like The Great British Bake Off.

“However with the cost of popular items such as the Nutribullet and KitchenAid Mixers, Brits are shelling out hundreds of pounds on equipment they may become bored with in a couple of months. Sometimes it’s worth sitting on your hands and thinking honestly about how much use you’ll get from a purchase before parting with cash, unpacking the item from its box and tucking it away in a cupboard.”

The study also revealed that as a nation Britons find it difficult to let go of items we no longer use. But with the rise in community selling platforms such as eBay and Preloved, it is easy for consumers to sell their old gear and make some extra cash.

“Given there are now less than 100 days until Christmas, it’s well worth having a ‘clear-out to sell-out’ in the next few weeks to help de-clutter homes and make some extra cash to put towards the financial burdens the festive season tends to bring,” added Smith.

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