Britons close to burn out in pursuit of a payrise

13th January 2015


Nearly a third of UK workers are pushing themselves to the brink of “burn out” in  pursuit of a payrise, a study by the Open University has found.

It said that eight in 10 Britons feel overworked, with almost a third reporting that they are at the point of “burnt out” or “very overworked”.

Nearly two-thirds of employees regularly work overtime, with almost 10% working an extra 40 hours or more per month.

Employees believe that working longer hours is one of the best ways to earn a promotion or pay rise despite being considered important by just one in ten employers.

Meanwhile, 46% of employers say work-related qualifications gained through additional education, is the number one reason they would offer a wage increase.

Keith Zimmerman, director of students at The Open University, said: “The start of a new year is the perfect time to take stock of your career and make decisions to change it for the better. The survey shows that people in the UK work very hard but some overlook the more effective means of achieving career goals.”

Below are the study’s findings highlighting the discrepancies between what employees believe will earn them a pay rise and what employer say they are looking for:





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