Britons manage to drum-up £46m in compensation by going online to complain

28th April 2014


Though the UK has a reputation for a stiff upper lip and not liking to protest over poor service, new research into consumer’s social media habits by comparison site has found that it pays to complain.

In fact the total value of gifts/discounts that UK customers received from companies as a result of talking about them on social media was £46m, an average of £29.60 per person.

The survey found that more than 14% of people have used social media platforms to complain about a company, while 19% saying they had talked positively about an organisation online.

The majority, at 73%, who had raised a complaint on social media found some form of success due to raising their issue online. Of those who had complained about a company, just over half at 51% felt that kicking up a fuss online resulted in their issue being resolved especially quickly.

More than a fifth, at 22%, of customers who have complained about a company in this way said they received a free gift or discount as a form of recompense. In comparison only 16% of people who had talked positively about a company received anything.

Claire Peate, customer insights manager at, said: “Most of us have been in the position where the service we’ve received has failed to live up to our expectations. However, many of us often shy away from complaining or ‘kicking up a fuss’ and avoid confrontation.

“Our research shows that complaining on social media usually gets results, with almost three quarters of people receiving some form of resolution to their issue. In some cases, people have even received freebies to make up for the inconvenience.

“Regardless what method you use, if you are unhappy with any goods or service you have received, it’s important to voice your complaint with the company and escalate it if necessary. Customers are the most important aspect of any business and feedback, both positive and negative, is what shapes how an organisation operates, so if you’ve been left disappointed or angry make sure to let the relevant people know and don’t just take it lying down.”

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