Britons spend £1,700 a year treating themselves

15th January 2016


Bad weather, a horrible day in the office, or just because it’s payday are reasons that Britons use to treat themselves.


The average Briton spends £1,700 a year on treats, spending £143 a month on treating themselves for everything from waking up on the wrong side of the bed to having a productive week.


Three-quarters tend to treat themselves twice a week, with Saturday afternoon the most popular time for indulgence.


The most popular reward is alcohol and heading to the pub for a pint or relaxing at home with a glass comes in as the top treat for a bad day at work (22%), a productive week (20%), and a hard gym session (10%).


The January blues also encourage people to treat themselves. Around a fifth of Britons claim there favourite way to entertain themselves when bad weather hits is with a new DVD.


For those suffering from a bad mood, one in five of Brits pander to tasty treats, listing chocolate as the ultimate treat. Another 17% said they also turn to food treats when they are bored.


A quarter of consumers hit the shops when they get paid and for those who have lost weight shopping is the top treat (39%).


Other reasons for treating ourselves is as a reward to achieving a specific goal such as hitting a savings target or passing a test, with heading out for dinner with family and friends the way we celebrate.


Although a large sum is spent on treats, Britons believe it is justified and only one in 10 say they feel guilty about rewarding themselves.


Of the 13% of people who say they don’t treat themselves at all, almost half said it is because they are sticking to a savings budget and one in five say they are too busy.


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