Britons spend a massive £1.3bn on getting other people to do their chores

7th December 2015


When it comes to household tasks we prefer to pay other people to do, window and car cleaning and arranging for home delivery of groceries top the list according to a new research.

The survey conducted by found that people who ‘out-source’ domestic chores spend on average £49.50 a month, meaning that collectively households are footing a bill for £1.3bn a month for help with chores.

Rank Top 10 paid-for household chores in the last 12 months %
1 Window cleaning 22
2 Car cleaning 15
3 Getting groceries delivered 14
4 Painting and decorating/basic home DIY 12
5 Gardening 10
6 Household cleaning 8
7 Laundry/ironing 5
8 Cooking 4
9 Childcare including nanny, childminder, after school club 3
10 Walking the dog 2

Most people, at 76%, participating in the survey felt that they do not have time to do all the things they want to, while just under a quarter, at 24% thought they did.

The comparison website, also asked respondents about the things that they would like to do more of but feel that they do not have time for.  Hobbies, travelling and just relaxing topped the list followed by seeing friends or relatives and keeping fit. Gardening, DIY and housework were at the bottom of the list.

When asked why people didn’t feel they had enough time to do everything they wanted to, the survey revealed:

Commenting on the research, Ben Wilson home insurance spokesman for said, “It’s clear from our survey that many households employ some domestic help – from regular cleaners to odd-jobs and DIY.  But, these householders might not have considered the consequences of someone working in their home having an accident or suffering an injury as a result of their negligence.

“Most home contents insurance policies include cover for employer’s liability.  Depending on the policy, cover ranges from £1m to £10m. Employer’s liability cover pays out for damages and costs arising as a result of claims from your domestic staff suffering injury for which you are liable for.” compared 373 home contents insurance policies. Most, at 97% included cover for employer’s liability, of these the majority, at 62% provide cover of £10m, 32% have a cover limit of £5m, 4% £2m and 3% only have £1m worth of cover.

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