Business lobby the CBI warns the UK cannot afford a post-election “power vacuum”

23rd March 2015


The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has warned all political parties that whatever the result of May’s general election, the new Cabinet must knuckle down to business quickly.

The business lobby has urged that the Government, whatever its make-up, must progress with “a clear delivery plan for the first 100 days to keep economic growth on track, boost investment and create opportunities for all”.

In Best Foot Forward – the business plan for the first 100 days – the organisation asserted the new Government to focus on pro-enterprise measures and to take steps to get on top of the country’s finances. As an immediate step, the CBI is calling on the new Government to outline its fiscal rules for the Parliament and initiate a Comprehensive Spending Review.

John Cridland, CBI director-general, said: “Whether we have a majority, minority or coalition Government, we ask those involved to ensure that the period of post-election uncertainty is kept to a minimum.

“We cannot afford a power vacuum that delays urgent policy decisions and unsettles potential investors, so any new Cabinet must get down to business as soon as possible.”

He added that if “horse-trading” is required to form a new Government, politicians must not duck the tough questions just to reach agreement and risk undermining the recovery before the ink has dried.

“Much remains to be done to secure the UK’s economic future and business wants to see a confident, new administration getting into its stride by taking action on the key priorities, including staying on top of the public finances, meeting the urgent demand for new homes and making progress on EU reform,” Cridland said.

“For any incoming Government to make its mark it needs clear delivery milestones in its first 100 days. Politicians tend to focus on the next big idea or initiative but business will judge success on the delivery. The ‘what’ is interesting but the ‘how’ you can deliver and make a difference is what really counts, even if sometimes that means sticking with what’s already working.”

In the first 100 days of Government, the CBI among other areas, is calling for the new Government to stay on top of public finances, break the infrastructure gridlock and outline a Europe-wide reform agenda focused on what will boost jobs and growth.

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