Can the rest of Europe stand up to Germany?

22nd June 2012

The Coming Oil Crash

Steve Levine explains why an oil price crash – brought about by none other than the Saudis – will be the bane of the world's petro-rulers. National Public Radio


Can the rest of Europe stand up to Germany?

Anatole Kaletsky says the euro's only chance of survival depends on whether the other nations in the currency bloc can form a united front against Germany at next week's summit. Reuters


American Austerity: Why the States Cutting Spending Are Doing Worse

In comparing states that have cut public spending with the states that have expanded spending, Derek Thompson concludes that while the figures don't tell us that deficit spending is  necessarily good for long-term growth. "What this report does tell us, however, is that there isn't any evidence that austerity does any good in a situation like ours." The Atlantic


Beware the Bond Bubble

Rana Foroohar suggests that investor flight to safety is creating a new kind of bubble – this time in U.S. bond markets. Moreover, the Fed's extension of ‘Operation Twist' this week will only further inflate the bubble. The Curious Capitalist


U.S. Slice of Growing Trade Pie Is Shrinking

Even though the Asia-Pacific region has been the fastest-growing destination for U.S. exports, America's slice of the region's export market has fallen by 43% over the last decade. One reason for this is the proliferation of trade deals among other countries in the region. Real Time Economics


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