Capricorns are most likely to buy a new car

20th November 2014

Dealers looking to increase their new car sales in next year may well want to open their sales pitch by checking when customers celebrate their birthday.

A recent survey by Paragon Car Finance found that 65% of Capricorns, those born between 23 December and 20 January, will buy a new car at some point in their lives.

Conversely, only 33% of Sagittarians, those born in the run-up to Christmas, ever extend themselves this luxury. Women are also more likely to buy a new car than men, with 57% of women having purchased a new car compared with just 35% of men.

While it will come as no surprise to experienced car dealers that customers looking to change cars are most likely to opt for a black hatchback, what is clear is that alongside a stylish look, men rate speed and boot space as the key criteria whereas women want safety and an MP3 port for their music.

Women certainly like to make some noise, with 85% of women saying they like to sing when driving, compared with only 54% of men claims the survey.

Julian Rance, head of Paragon Car Finance, said: “These findings come from a recent survey of Paragon Group employees to find out more about their attitudes to cars and driving. It’s always fun to see what comes through and, particularly fitting, at this time of year to see that people born at Christmas know how to treat themselves to a really special present every once in a while.”


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