Chasing income – the highs and the lows

18th April 2011

Analysts Capita Registrars are predicting a 13.6 per cent rise to £64.2bn this year reported here by the BBC though the report notes that it will not quite match the highs of 2008 when the total figure was £67.1bn.

Contributing to this year's improvement were International Power which made a special payment while BP resumed dividend payments albeit at half  the level it was paying before the Mexican gulf oil spill.

But it is the giant firms which continue to dominate – AstraZeneca, Vodafone, Shell, International Power and HSBC accounted for 51% of the total dividends paid in the first quarter.

Here with the most enthusiastic write up is Motley Fool telling its readers to bag their share.

Smaller firms have been making a contribution too as shown by this report on J.D. Sports, one of the few retail stocks that is doing well.  The change is certain to be good news for many investors. Here for example Moneyover55 examines the strategy of income reinvesting.

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