27th April 2012


Citi's CEO Pay Revolt: Capitalism Is Back, Baby!

According to Michael Schuman, the decision last week by the shareholders of Citigroup to reject a $15 million pay package for CEO Vikram Pandit is a victory for capitalism, and a signal that, hopefully, more capitalism is on the way.  The Curious Capitalist


Famous last words, Spanish edition

From Banco Santander CEO Alfredo Saenz: "Mortgages get paid in good times and in bad," he said in a news conference at the bank's headquarters outside Madrid. "Anyone raising this problem as one of the issues for the Spanish financial system is saying something stupid." FT Alphaville


Apple's Monster Quarter in 4 Charts

If earnings reports make you dizzy, don't worry, because Derek Thompson sums up Apple's $39 billion second-quarter performance into four graphs that break down revenue and revenue growth by product, and by country. The Atlantic


Note to Facebook Shareholders: What to do After You Make a Zillion Dollars

The list includes: The one-year rule, the no-friends rule, the 2% rule and the Good health rule. The Altucher Confidential


Morgan Sandquist: Finance in Denial

Morgan Sandquist, a member of the Occupy Wall Street Alternative Banking Group is puzzled why – despite the fact that the largest banks in America-Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and others are probably insolvent – no-one seems to care. Naked Capitalism

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