Climate change top of consumers’ concerns

18th November 2010

Climate change is one of the three leading concerns among consumers, according to the latest HSBC Climate Confidence Monitor.

The a global survey of consumer attitudes to climate change, the fourth of its kind, reveals that, after a slight dip last year, climate change is again one of the top three world concerns.

As with previous years, the emerging economies are the most concerned about climate change and are doing more to reduce their personal carbon footprint. 

They are also more confident than the developed markets that those who should be tackling climate change are doing so, and more optimistic that we will be able to stop climate change. Globally, optimism stands at just 16%.

Stuart Gulliver, Chairman, HSBC Europe, Middle East and Global Businesses and Group Chief Executive Designate, says: "The climate business sector is growing fast and emerging markets are leading the way.

"Governments are pushing ahead with decarbonising their economies and businesses are responding by producing more low carbon goods and services. HSBC is working with clients to help them sow and reap the benefits of the low carbon economy."

The 2010 survey also attempted to 'visualise' people's concept of climate change, asking them what image first comes to mind when they think about climate change. The results reveal that it means very different things to different people, from melting ice caps and temperature increase through to less obvious themes such as loss of bio-diversity, drought, politicians and even sci-fi movies.

The full report is available to download in PDF format from HSBC's website via the link in the ‘Sponsor links' section on the right hand side.

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