Co-op Energy is ranked lowest for handling of complaints

9th December 2015


Co-operative Energy has been ranked lowest among suppliers for the way it handles customer complaints, in a survey by Citizens Advice.

It has the highest customer complaint ratio ever recorded by the consumer ser. It received 1,584 complaints per 100,000 customers – this is 40 times higher than the best performer, SSE. Earlier this year the Co-operative introduced a new billing and customer service system which has created problems.

The results for July to September 2015 show SSE, EDF Energy and Green Star Energy all reduced complaints with the latter even managing to halve its complaint ratio.

The findings are from the Citizens Advice quarterly energy supplier league table which includes customer complaints data from the 19 largest energy suppliers operating in Great Britain. It finds:

There is little difference between the top two suppliers with SSE and EDF Energy posting 39 and 43 complaints per 100,000 customers respectively.

Co-operative Energy and Extra Energy performed considerably worse than last quarter and are ranked lowest with 1,584 and 1,164 complaints per 100,000 customers respectively.

Scottish Power, which was bottom last quarter, showed signs of improvement with complaints dropping slightly to 740 per 100,000 customers – placing it 17th in the table.

Gillian Guy, chief executive of Citizens Advice, says: “It’s unacceptable that energy customers are being let down on basic services.

“Good customer service is essential to any effective industry – the fact energy consumers face such a lottery shows this market has a long way to go.

“While it’s encouraging to see some companies sharpening up their act, some firms at the bottom are getting even worse.

“Pockets of improvement aren’t enough – we need to see progress across the board so that every consumer can be confident of receiving a high quality service.”

In order to help consumers save money, Citizens Advice has developed a price comparison tool to make it easier for customers unhappy with their current provider to shop around for better deals.

Ranking for quarter 3 July – Sept 2015 Supplier Complaints about energy supplier per 100,000 customers July – Sept 2015 Complaints about energy supplier per 100,000 customers April – June 2015
1 SSE 38.9 47.7
2 EDF Energy 43.3 64.3
3 Green Star Energy 49.1 97.4
4 E (Gas and Electricity) 55.7
5 British Gas 86.4 82.8
6 E.ON 89.9 88.8
7 Utilita 98.3 116
8 Economy Energy 110.4 141.3
9 Utility Warehouse 118.1 118.6
10 Ecotricity 124.8 70.2
11 Ovo Energy 137.1 122.5
12 Good Energy 149.4 91.2
13 Flow Energy 227.1 169.7
14 First Utility 455.9 420.6
15 Spark Energy 482.8 518.2
16 npower 690.1 577.1
17 ScottishPower 740.3 944.3
18 Extra Energy 1164.4 769.5
19 Co-Operative Energy 1584.1 645.1



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