Co-operative Insurance reveals the unluckiest pets in the UK

17th December 2015


If you own a Labrador dog called Alfie or a crossbreed cat called Oscar, chances are you may be taking an unexpected trip to the vet anytime soon.

After looking at thousands of claims, the Co-op Insurance can reveal the unluckiest pets in the UK.

When it comes to naming your pet, it appears owners should potentially steer clear of naming dogs Alfie, Charlie and Bella, and cats called Oscar, George and Alfie also have the potential to cause calamity.

Top 10 unluckiest dog names
1 Alfie
2 Charlie
3 Bella
4 Molly
5 Ruby
6 Max
7 Archie
8 Poppy
9 Rosie
10 Daisy


Top 10 unluckiest cat names
1 Oscar
2 George
3 Alfie
4 Charlie
5 Leo
6 Molly
7 Max
8 Willow
9 Harry
10 Henry

It seems as though cats need their nine lives with the most claimed for condition being road traffic accidents, with gingivitis – a dental issue – also being common. Owners of domestic crossbreeds are more likely to claim than any other followed by those who own a British shorthair, Maine Coon, Bengal and Siamese.

The most claimed for condition for dogs is lameness with issues relating to the ears also common. Labrador owners are most likely to make a claim followed by owners of crossbreeds, cocker spaniels, German shepherds and bulldogs.

London, Bristol and Nottingham can be unhappy homes for the UK’s pets with the Capital City being the number one place where claims originate for both cats and dogs. Glasgow also features as the fifth most claimed for city for dog owners to claim in.

Where do the unluckiest pets in the UK live?
Dog Cat
1 London 1 London
2 Nottingham 2 Bristol
3 Manchester 3 Nottingham
4 Bristol 4 Brighton
5 Glasgow 5 Leeds

David Hampson, head of pet insurance at The Co-operative, said: “Unfortunately owning a pet should sometimes come with a health warning with illnesses and accidents, as with humans, often coming out of the blue.

“Based on our data, Oscar and Alfie certainly don’t seem to be the luckiest names that you can give your pet. However, regardless of the name of your pet, insurance to cover these eventualities can be a safe bet and save you a lot of heartache and money should you need to claim.”

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