Coca Cola wants Shanghai listing – the first of many?

2nd June 2011

But could this be the start of a rush by Western firms to list in what is increasingly one of the world's most valuable markets? The answer at the moment is not quite yet, because China is yet to establish rules for how this might happen. Currently foreign firms cannot list and there are no regulations about how shares might be sold domestically though China has supposedly been working on the problem  since 2009. However as the report notes, Coke may well have more reason to list than most, as it is currently in the midst of a $2bn investment programme in the country.

HSBC is also reported to be hopeful of listing in Shanghai, a move that would be redolent with history – the clue's in the name – as it stands for Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.

What repercussions this would have for international and UK investors in these firms remains unclear, but it would be likely to cement any global firm's business presence in China which would seem to be very good news. It would also give firms access to new sources of capital from China's huge population of savers.

Here Reuter's considers the challenges and indeed obstacles to Shanghai achieving its aim of becoming a global financial services centre by 2020, one key issue being that all the significant political and economic decisions are taken in Beijing.

Here the Wall Street Journal reports on how China is increasingly integrating with the global financial world is report on how HSBC is now offering Yuan denominated financial products in Australia which has strong commodity trading relationships with China.

And here Thisismoney considers ways to invest there at the moment.

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