Community Views : Spending Review Special

20th October 2010


School teacher and education researcher Tom Richmond tweets : "@BBC_HaveYourSay

"Waiting for #csr is like being an England football fan. Set your expectations as low as poss so you won't be disappointed."

The Daily Telegraph

"The next decade will not be nice. History suggests that after a financial crisis the hangover lasts for a while. So the next decade is likely to be a 'SOBER' decade – a decade of savings, orderly budgets, and equitable rebalancing… A sober decade may not be fun but it is necessary for our economic health." Says Mervyn King.

novoodooeconomics comments: "This is all very well, but the economy needs to start actually generating wealth and fiscal prudence is not exactly the panacea to doing this particularly if it results in a serious contraction, unemployment and possible unrest."

The Daily Telegraph

"Britain's best hope of emerging from economic austerity lie with the Conservative Party a new poll has found , handing the Government a timely endorsement ahead of today's round of public spending cuts."

cynicalengineer says: "Only a statistician can come up with this sort of definition of "majority".

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