Community Views : What’s on the boards today….10th Nov 2010

10th November 2010

The Daily Telegraph

"Leading Chinese credit rating agency downgrades USA government bonds"

mrbomber comments: "WHAT DO YOU EXPECT, considering Moody and Standard & Poor are just the pure Economic Warfare Proxies used by the Pentagon to destroy other's nations sovereign credits (Eurozone) on purpose whereas they are giving themselves AAA FOREVER AND EVER until the dollar to be trashed into toilet paper"

The Daily Telegraph

"Tullett Prebon, the inter-dealer broker run by Terry Smith, has been accused of stealing proprietary pricing data from rival BGC."

ericmurphy thinks: "Will that be the same BGC against whom Tullet Prebon won a staff poaching case against earlier this year?"

The Guardian

"The Bank of England will set out its thinking on Britain's economic recovery today when it publishes its first economic forecasts since the government's spending review . Governor Mervyn King's presentation is likely to mask disunity on the monetary policy committee: some members are said to be increasingly uncomfortable with his backing of the coalition government's aggressive spending cuts, believing he has overstepped the line that separates monetary and fiscal policy"

Halo572 comments: "These people run our national economic policy. I wouldn't personally send them down to the shops to buy me a pint of milk, I would hate to think what they might come back with instead even if they did manage to find the shops. Probably some magic beans. Some scrap paper and crayons in a nice quiet corner would suit them better. And only round ended scissors should be used around them."

The Daily Mail

"Britain's economy is ‘on the mend' but could face problems from the ongoing crisis in Euroland, the International Monetary Fund said last night."

Hillus thinks: "UK wil face problems from other EU countries until it has the will to go it alone. I think the people have the will, the problem is getting the blockheads in parliament to think likewise. It will happen, but when?"

City Wire

"House prices: what is going on? A growing glut of unsold properties, combined with deteriorating mortgage availability, makes for a challenging housing market. Yet according to surveyors, house sellers are raising their prices. What is going on?"

John Lacy comments: "You can ask what you like for a property but the only true indicator is what someone will pay for it. The full effects of government policy won't be seen for another 18 months but the effect of lack of funding to local authorities will become very apparent by March 2011. The likely result is a falling market as ordinary people have to pay for more and more previously "free" services and have less disposable income to spend on housing. The shit is about to hit the fan!!"

 Ft Alphaville

"The yield on the Irish 10-year government bond."

Nobby says: "Why is the FTSE appearing to be so blase about the Irish mess? It feels like we are sleepwalking into a minefield…."

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