Community Views : What’s on the boards today….11th April 2011

11th April 2011

The New York Times

"NYSE Euronext announced on Sunday that it would reject an unsolicited takeover bid by its rival, the Nasdaq OMX Group, and the IntercontinentalExchange, primarily over antitrust concerns. Instead, the company, which runs the long-established New York Stock Exchange as well as the Euronext based in Paris, said it would stand by its previous agreement to merge with Deutsche Börse."

The Wall Street Journal readers think:

Warren Wolf wrote: "well joining forces with Europe and Germany in itself makes sense when you look at the situation the US finds itself in, un-competitiveness and suffocating debt levels. So US needs Germany and the EU anyway just to stay afloat it seems..well China is also needed.."

Jeffrey Hatmaker replied: "Europe and China are over their heads. Combined they don't have near enough money to keep America afloat. When America goes under Europe and China will not fare well. It won't be long now."

The Telegraph

"The interim report published this morning by the Independent Commission on Banking, is recommending a separation of how the retail and investment banking businesses operate, as well as measures to force future losses on bank bondholders."

frederickblogs writes: "So they'll move overseas, will they? I bet there are simply dozens of governments just queuing up to guarantee the losses of these gambling operations."

The Independent community are saying:

49niner thinks: "This is quite a realistic report and will go some way to satisfy serious critics of the way banks were allowed to operate in the run up to the crisis. It concentrates on what is possible and achieveable.

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