Community Views : What’s on the boards today….11th Nov 2010

11th November 2010

You Tube

Yuaning with boredom? In the doldrums over the dollar? Or maybe you just need some light relief from endless currency war talk? Take some time out and watch "US-Sino Currency Rap Battle " in technicolour.

The Daily Telegraph

"Mervyn King has joined President Barack Obama in calling for G20 leaders to agree united action to tackle global trade imbalances at the Seoul summit starting today."

lordbarnett thinks: "Merv should also tell the coalition that high taxes stand in the way of recovery,but hey,Merv will be put out to pasture soon so no need to rock the boat,no, just write it all down in the diary for the enevitable book he will bring out with the title " I could have saved the financial system".

The Daily Telegraph

"Ireland's cost of borrowing has rocketed to its highest level since the launch of the euro in 1999 after a dramatic sell-off by bondholders and banks."

arabianmoney says: "What we are seeing in Ireland is a story of days to come in global bond markets. They are reaching a tipping point at which bond holders will demand much higher yields to invest – that has already happened in Ireland, and this will be repeated all over the world until interest rates reflect market risk. The central banks know that artificially low interest rates cannot be held there indefinitely. So if your pension is in bonds, for goodness sake get out!"

The Daily Telegraph

"Almost seven million Britons are living beyond their means and refuse to alter their lifestyle despite the recession, according to latest research."

plato2 comments: "If they can't manage when interest rates are at an all time low then I fear for what will happen when they return to normal. However with no information on how this survey was conducted I have to say I doubt its validity"

The Guardian

 "World leaders must resolve the trade imbalances that are destabilising the global economy or risk a repeat of the Great Depression, David Cameron warned today."

RCSENG2005 thinks: "Its called the free market, David.I thought you Tories were all for it? As you reap,so shall you sow."

The Guardian

"Debts leave 3m Britons struggling to pay mortgage, says Shelter. 18% of mortgage holders say they are constantly struggling to meet monthly payments compared with 10% a year ago"

Tiresias says: "The trick is to spend less than you earn"

The Independent

"Jobless who refuse work will lose benefits for up to three years"

Bleachers comments: "Force down house and rental prices and most benefit claimants would gladly return to work. Another thing. Stop employment agencies advertising jobs at the jobcentre unless the agency guarantees full employment. Employment ag
ency promises are as worthless as your MP's."

This is Money

"Almost all universities will charge £9,000-a-year tuition fees to avoid their courses being seen as poor quality, a report will warn today."

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