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13th January 2011

The Telegraph

"Tesco's sales were outshone by its rivals over the Christmas period, as its out-of-town stores suffered in the snow. Tesco's finance director Laurie McIlwee said the bad weather cost Tesco about 1pc in lost sales, adding that Tesco was more vulnerable than rival Sainsbury to the snow because it has a greater number of out-of-town locations."

The Guardian readers are saying:

squiblet says: "The snow again huh? Funny how it appeared to cover the country fairly evenly and yet managed to dump down on some companies more than others. It is almost like the weather is being blamed for generaly poor trading results. But surely not. That would be dishonest."

The Financial Times have also reported this.

The Telegraph

"HM Revenue & Customs said the number of UK residents escaping tax on income or capital gains held in offshore bank accounts had declined from 139,000 to 123,000 in the year prior and after the launch of the £30,000 remittance basis charge in April 2008."

kirkbride comments: "The article says that non-doms pay about £7 billion in taxes pa which includes £4 billion in income tax ( for the disbelievers, non doms DO pay UK income tax). The new levy is expected to raise £ 350 million this year. As the figures above show, it does not take many non doms to leave before the loss to the Inland Revenue is enormous. Socialist ranting won't help – we should encourage MORE non doms to come and smile as we take their money"

The Financial Times

"Germany is backing proposals to give new powers and lending capacity to the €440bn ($577bn) eurozone rescue fund, even if that means increasing its financial guarantees, according to people familiar with the issue in Berlin and Brussels."

However The Telegraph have a conflicting article:

"Germany and France have rejected calls by Brussels for a rapid increase in the size and powers of the EU's rescue machinery, once again exposing serious differences at the heart of monetary union."

chelyabinsk writes about this conflict: "GERMANY BACKS WIDER RESCUE FUND ROLE"

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