Community Views : What’s on the boards today….14th April 2011

14th April 2011

The Guardian

"Robin Hood tax: 1,000 economists urge G20 to accept Tobin tax"

HappyValley thinks: "My concern is with how this money would be spent. The track record on aid is not good. It has previously been suggested that 80% of aid stays WITHIN the donor country. Then much of the aid supplied never reaches its intended targets, frequently through the intervention of corrupt government officials. I live in a developing country and I have a poor opinion of foreign aid, not just for the reasons above because it also develops a dependency culture and in some cases traps the recipients in the colonialist mindset. The mantra of TRADE not AID makes sound sense."

The Telegraph readers think:

spandexia writes: "This tax will be paid by customers of banks – us. It will propagate through the economy as each transaction is taxed, amounting to the taking of billions from the wealth of ordinary people.

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