Community Views : What’s on the boards today….15th April 2011

15th April 2011

The Telegraph

"China sees inflation jump as blistering growth continues. China's turbo-charged growth eased slightly in the first quarter, while inflation jumped to a 32-month high, putting pressure on the government to do more to rein in prices and keep the economy on an even keel."

Mombasa1969 says: "Well we all know what happens with bubbles, and China is no exception."

The Guardian readers think:

BertrandChorizo thinks: "Its an interesting mix. The demand-side continues to look good but the supply-side is starting to buckle except for the labour-supply: there's still millions of millions of rural poor wanting in on the miracle which of course dampens wage growth. Interesting Times."

Market Watch has also reported on China:

Request sentFilthyBeast writes: "As China tightens it brings in more foreign investment money looking for favorable rates unlike the US that simply monetizes debt weakening the currency and further making Chinese imports over here more expensive.

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