Community Views : What’s on the boards today….15th Nov 2010

15th November 2010

The Daily Telegraph

"It is the European Central Bank that should be printing money on a mass scale to purchase government debt, not the US Federal Reserve."

hospitaller comments: " You have to see the humour in it – the Irish voted twice and still made the wrong choice. Dear oh dear, life is so cruel. A perfect example of the old saying that you have to be careful about what you ask for because you might get it. People wanted the Euro and they got it- right up the arse."

The Daily Telegraph

"Informal discussions on a new EU bail-out of up to €90bn (£77bn) for Ireland intensified on Sunday amid fears of renewed nervousness when financial markets open Monday."

greatuncle thinks: "The talk elsewhere on this article is the British government will be providing 7 billion of financial support, with what? We should be paying 7 billion of principal on our own debt if you have the money. Go on, do it, then the argument during austerity is that you gave 7 billion away WOW!"

The Guardian

"Unilever unveils ambitious long term sustainability programme"

Cortina1600E says: "Call me old fashion if you like. I just find the whole idea of consumerism and and big business fundamentally at odds with sustainable living. Encourage local producers, encourage street corner and village shops. At least we can walk to the shop and socialise with people in our neighborhood. Welcome to modern BIG BUSINESS Britain. Giant supermarkets and cloned high streets selling identical products. Efficient factories in China and Indonesia paying slave wages to ship flimsy goods 10,000 miles. Efficient transfer of wealth from struggling households to wealthy business owners. Overpriced houses, mortgage debt servitude. Let me bend over and make a request. More of same please!"

The Guardian

"Cotton farmers in west Africa are losing out on vital income because of subsidies paid to rival growers in the EU, US, China and India, Fairtrade Foundation says."

Liberalintheoldsense comments: "We overpay for our food to keep the French from rioting, then pay again in foreign aid to salve our consciences at the harm subsidies do in the third world. Unfortunately those subsidies don't really compensate, fail to create sustainable economic growth and one suspects often are diverted to the Mercedes for Dictators"

The Independent

"The cost of running a home has fallen by nearly 14% during the past two years on the back of record low interest rates, research suggested today."

RetiredTaxman says: "The cost of running a home has fallen by 14% if you are a household that owns a property subject to mortgage and the interest paid has fallen. If I remember correctly the majority of households do not have a mortgage, either owning their properties outright or renting them."

The Independent

"Is China a bargain or a bubble? The country's economy is growing rapidly, which is good and bad news."

TheBlackRabbit thinks: "I visited China in the summer and was struck by the number of unoccupied new build apartments, vacant factories, labour strikes and rising salaries. It is definitely not all good news there. Add to the above the asian preponderance with "saving face" i.e. not admitting to failure and it seems to me that there could be worrying times ahead for China, at least in the short term. Once the currency is correctly valued and labour costs have risen, the competitive edge is lost. Already some major companies are looking to close their factories and bring production back home. Caveat emptor."

The Daily Mail

"Fifty private schools fold and dozens more struggle as parents feel economic squeeze"

George Miller from Basingstoke writes: "The independant sector has nobody to blame but itself. Since the late 80s/early 90s, private schools have indulged in an "arms race" of new buildings & facilities, paid for by 20 years of fee rises at >10% above inflation.

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