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16th November 2010

The Daily Telegraph

"Inflation robs savers, pushing gold and share prices higher"

hauptmann dachs thinks: "Now hold your cotton pickin' horses: Gordon Brown assured us he had abolished boom 'n bust. Surely you aren't saying the great sage was wrong?"

The Daily Telegraph

"The EU authorities have begun to vent their fury against Ireland over its refusal to accept a financial rescue, fearing that the crisis will engulf Portugal and Spain unless confidence is restored immediately to eurozone bond markets."

VivaLaRevolution says: "You just cannot trust the EU. Get out now and Save £45 Million a day"

The Daily Telegraph

"Britain's economy will grow just 1.2pc next year, according to the Institute of Directors – well below official forecasts."

Intrepid001 comments: "Britain's economy will grow just 1.2pc next year, according to the Institute of Directors – well below official forecasts." That being the case then how on earth will these business leaders create the 2 or 3 million jobs needed in the private sector in the next few years that some of them boasted they could take up the slack created in the public sector?"

The Daily Telegraph

"Bank of England Governor Mervyn King is widely expected to have to dig out his headed notepaper once more to write a letter to the Chancellor explaining why inflation is too high."

FullSteamAhead thinks: "I don't think Mervyn is really up to this job!"

Death by Donut comments "'Inflation in Britain rose unexpectedly'. Unexpectedly my arse" on the same story in the Independent .

The Guardian

"Ireland bailout: 'No need to panic' , says government minister. Ireland's minister for European Affairs, Dick Roche, denied this morning that Ireland needed emergency financing."

butteredballs comments: "An economic coup has been going on since 2007 and nobody has noticed yet. I feel sorry for the Irish people. They are getting absolutely shafted."

The Independent

"Don't panic, say the Irish – but Europe is getting nervous. Ireland's European partners are urging the debt-stricken nation to seek immediate assistance from an international rescue fund to resolve its financial problems and avoid a repeat of the Greek sovereign debt crisis that almost destroyed the euro earlier this year"

rigaud thinks: "So we pay the Irish so that their bankers are protected from loss and so that their corporation tax holidays might continue. We have to be really in love with wild capitalism to allow this."

The BBC are also talking about Irelands woes:

Peston's Picks

"Ireland's weakness, what has sparked the pressure from other EU members and the European Commission for some kind of bailout of the Irish state, is its bloated, lossmaking banking system."

corum-populo-2010 writes: "Will the ECB pull the plug on Ireland"? Well, Robert, apart from your last, and concise paragraph, my eyes were watering from information. Bond markets had, perhaps, already decided on this leak on the RoI economy. A bail-out from the IMF to roll-up and consolidate loans will be insurance for Bond speculators and ensure their cash flow margins. Naturally, no-one would suggest speculation, or heaven forbid – a done deal?"

The Motley Fool

A popular thread on the Motley Fool discussing house prices and renting.

Ian Duncan Smith … "We're going to drive the rents down"…

But canexpat thinks: "Nah, the government is too spineless to go through with it. Just like they are too spineless to impose the banking levy."

 The Economist

"Sovereign bond spreads for Portugal, Ireland and Greece point towards trouble"

blueworld writes: "Yet, Greece, Portugal and Ireland only produce 5% of the EU economy. Therefore it is manageable."

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