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17th November 2010

The Daily Telegraph

"The deep division over interest rate policy at the Bank of England will be laid bare today by minutes of November's meeting that are expected to show policymakers were split three ways for a second consecutive month. Adam Posen is expected to have called once again for an extra £50bn of quantitative easing (QE), or "money printing", while Andrew Sentance is likely to voted for a 0.25 percentage point rate rise for the sixth consecutive month. The other seven members are predicted to opted to leave rates at 0.5pc and QE unchanged at £200bn."

 bedfordfalls comments: "Only Andrew Sentance sees the future clearly."

The Daily Telegraph

"Bank of England minutes: economists' reaction"

The Guardian

George Osborne – UK will help Ireland through debt crisis

TheKnaveOfDave thinks: "George Osborne – UK will help Ireland through debt crisis" Will we do this by cutting all of their public services and benefits?"

 on the same story in the Telegraph:

mytuppenceworth says: "Can someone explain – is this actual 7 billion in real money or loan guarantees to reduce the spread (in case Ireland defaults)? If it is real money, how the hell can he suddenly find 7 billion for this? I realise we'd be in deep s**t if Ireland defaulted and the 140 billion could be in jeapordy but how many schools/hospitals etc do we now need to close to pay for this….?"

The Guardian

"UK unemployment falls unexpectedly"

ElmerPhudd comments: "The number of people claiming jobless benefits " That is NOT the number of people out of work. Due to the way people are assessed there will be a hell of a lot who are refused benefit (like me f'rinstance) and there's nothing they can do about it. During the Thatch years if you went in to the unemployment office with a sniffle they would ensure you were classified as being 'sickj' and therefore not available for work and thus not on the list.That process of shifting the unemployed on to the sick register hasn't stopped."

The Guardian

"Higher inflation eating away savers' nest eggs. Inflation is up and savers now have to find an account paying 4% – or 5.33% if they are a higher rate taxpayer – just to keep pace."

Fwoggie comments: "None of the powers that be care though. 'Tis safer to stuff the savers than to hammer the home owners."

The Independent

"They stand empty across Ireland: 300,000 unoccupied homes, a silent reproach to those who built them believing that the country's economic boom would never end"

dendeb thinks: "I'm shocked. A boom followed by a bust. Who could have seen that coming? "The only thing we learn from history is that we never learn from history."- Hegel"

The Motley Fool are also discussing this:

Tortoise1000 says: "What, in very simple terms, would our housing market look like if we were in the eurozone

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