Community Views : What’s on the boards today….19th Oct 2010

19th October 2010

The Daily Telegraph

"Consumers bought 4.2 million iPads in the last quarter, slightly less than Wall Street analysts had forecast, but enough to see Apple notch $20bn of sales in a quarter for the first time in its history."

wkm comments "Competition is round the corner from RIM and Microsoft. Whilst the iPad has got to market first and will, no doubt, maintain a strong edge thanks to Apple's ability to design a great product, I expect prices to fall as alternatives come in. Get the supply up, Apple!"


The Daily Telegraph

"Tomorrow will see the announcement of the so-called Comprehensive Spending Review. If you believe the propaganda emanating from The Guardian and the BBC you are no doubt expecting massive cuts to public spending. If so, you will be disappointed."

 gandalf thinks: "You may recall the Govt set up an internet site and asked for ideas from everyone on how to save money. Cutting the Foreign Aid budget had some of the highest votes and was ignored, why?"


The Guardian

"Petrol prices are expected to reach an all-time high in the next few weeks as a combination of higher oil prices, raised fuel duty and the blockade of Marseille by French dock workers increase costs at the pumps."

Gangoffour comments: "NOTHING is more environmentally correct than expensive petrol. You pinkos should be celebrating instead of sniveling. Maybe Renault will finally start putting little nuclear reactors in their cars."


The Motley Fool

"The latest figures show that UK dividends are rising again."

BarrenFluffit comments: "Deflation is looking off the mark though. With inflation at 4 % its hard to see that the sort of slowdown projected would lead to any or persistent deflation. Aside from the political incentives."


The Daily Mail

"The supermarket shelves are already filling up with goodies to tempt early Christmas shoppers. But while it may seem sensible to beat the rush and buy now, you could be paying more than twice as much as you would if you wait until December, research suggests. "

Tom from Glasgow suggests: "Here's an idea to improve everybody's Christmas. Take the money you normally spend on presents and spend it on yourself."


Wall Street Journal

"BP PLC, which faced accusations that it precipitated the Gulf of Mexico oil spill by placing profits before safety, said in an internal memo to its staff that safety would be the sole criterion for rewarding employee performance in its operating business for the fourth quarter."

Donald A. Crane comments: "Lets be realistic. The primary "safety" that BP and senior employees are interested in is the SAFETY OF THE PAYCHECK. It is not clear even now that BP has changed the Corporate organization and management to assure that worker safety (and environmental obligations) ranks ahead of corporate profits, much less being on a par with such profits."


Wall Street Journal

"Dow Rises 80.91; Citigroup Shines . Stocks closed higher on Monday as investors were encouraged by earnings from Citigroup and a measure of home-builder confidence that topped expectations."

Steve Andrews comments: "U.S. stock-index futures fell as the dollar climbed and investors braced for another heavy week of corporate earnings."

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