Community Views : What’s on the boards today….21st Oct 2010

21st October 2010

The Daily Telegraph

"Businesses have condemned an "appalling" £1bn a year green stealth tax that will add 11pc to the energy bills of British companies."

hospitaller thinks: "You could see this coming from 100 miles away – carbon pricing has nothing to do with the environment and never will have. It is simply another tax grab, going to government to pay for all its waste and inefficiencies. It will cost jobs and screw the economy into the ground. The only beneficiaries will be in China and India, where they are not stupid enough to reduce their competitiveness through means like this. The British people are gutless and stupid to put up with this without protest."

The Daily Telegraph

Spending review 2010: will you win or lose?

WINNERS: Equitable Life Policyholders, Pensioners, TV Viewers and Presbyterian Mutual Society savers

LOSERS: Young and middle-aged workers, public sector workers, commuters and MP's.

lesperkl says: "all the mps who were allowed to resign over expenses instead of being prosecuted will have protected pensions for life"

The Guardian

"Retail sales in Britain unexpectedly fell last month as consumers started tightening their belts ahead of the government's austerity measures , fuelling fears that the economic recovery has stumbled."

Reflexive comments: "The first signs of the double-dip…? Plan B please."

 The Daily Mail

"Unions threaten French-style riots as the axe falls on 500,000 public sector jobs"

Stephen from St. Ives thinks: "So they riot, get arrested and get a criminal record, that should be enought o get them fired from their jobs and probably lose their pensions to."

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