Community Views : What’s on the boards today….22nd Dec 2010

22nd December 2010

The Daily Telegraph

"Citigroup has warned of a fresh wave of bank failures and a string of sovereign defaults in Europe unless EU leaders come up with a credible response to the crisis."

expatdavid comments: "This is the inevitable result of the feckless politicians dream with the single currency being used to try and force fiscal and political union. Better that it fails now rather than later after many more billions of taxpayers money have been squandered. We have had more than enough of that already."

This Is Money

"The economy has suffered a £1.5billion 'big freeze' shock from travel chaos, lost production and savaged High Street sales."

keith rathbone says: "It's good that people can't shop because no one has any money to spend. Despite weeks of consumerist brain washing from the TV people aren't able to spend which is great news."

The Guardian

"A prolonged stagnation in the property market will see house prices drop by 2% over the coming year, the body that represents estate agents predicted today."


Vince Cable vs. Rupert Murdoch is dominating the boards:

The Guardian

"A humbled and diminished Vince Cable was tonight allowed to cling on to his cabinet post as business secretary, but was stripped of all responsibility for media policy after it emerged he had told undercover reporters that he had "declared war" on Rupert Murdoch over the media magnate's plans to take over all of BSkyB."

TerribleLyricist thinks: " So Vince loses the Murdoch brief, and it goes to… Jeremy Hunt! Next, the speed camera decision will be made by… Jeremy Clarkson. Cable has been played. Politicians are no match for billionaires."

BBC Peston's Pick leaked the 'whole' story first:

P_Synthesis writes: "After all the recent fees stuff perhaps Vince was dying to show he was doing something. Problem is, that may be the last thing he does. He should have saved it for the tell-all autobio. Bound to be marginalised now even if he isn't kicked out."

And then followed up with Vince Cable's views on the Telegraph's journalism:

James wrote: "And why should Vince not have his own views. If he had "declared war" on the BBC or ITV or just about anyone else who is behaving inappropriately, no one would have bothered. It just goes to show that the men in grey suits always protect their own."

FT Alphaville has reported on how the shares have moved

and on Housepricecrash it is a hot topic:

mdman says: "He is the most ridiculous minister in the coalition Government. And he has beaten off some stiff competition to win that prize. He can't threaten anyone with anything now"

The Wall Street Journal

"Companies such as Inc. and Etsy Inc., a site that sells handmade and vintage goods, are making gift recommendations for individuals by tapping into the trove of comments and preferences collected by social-networking giant Facebook Inc."

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