Community Views : What’s on the boards today….22nd Oct 2010

22nd October 2010

The Daily Telegraph

"Gilt yields fall to record low on QE expectations"

dandaniels says: "Here we go again, a race to see who can smash their currencies all the way to the bottom. Let's face it our fiat currencies are going to be toilet paper by the time this game is over. Stealth default here we come."

The Daily Telegraph

"The taxpayer could be forced to pay out up to £22.8bn to BT pensioners should the telecoms group go bust."

Geoffrey Woollard comments: "This heading is a little over the top – a bit 'red top' in style. Didn't we always know that this was so? And, though the service from BT isn't what I would like, the company ain't likely to go bust. Now, shall we all calm down, please?"

The Daily Telegraph

"Is the spending review unfair on the poor?"

milkie comments: "these debates certainly seem to be bringing out the worst in all the brits and why is everybody so against the poor. are they so ignorant that they think all the poor are idle and have created their misfortunes themselves? i thought brits were more compassionate, especially to their fellow citizens."

The Daily Telegraph

"Warren Buffett's reputation as one of the world's canniest investors looks set to receive its latest boost as the 'Sage of Omaha' prepares to generate a $1.5bn (£956m) profit by selling his stake in Goldman Sachs."

bedfordfalls comments: "What's Warren Buffett going to do with all that money? I think he'll be on the takeover trail again. I also think he wants to beef up his insurance business. Aviva, over here in the UK, is a likely target"

The Guardian

"US treasury secretary Timothy Geithner has told the G20 nations to stop manipulating their currencies to prevent "excessive volatility" and a global currency war."

teaandchocolate says: "Currency Wars. I think I know who might win. All the Chinese have to do is blow in unison and we will all fly away………"

The Independent

"Google, the internet giant which makes profits at a rate of $1m every hour, is shielding billions of dollars from tax across the world by using complex financial structures known in the industry as "the Double Irish" and "the Dutch Sandwich"

andyfisk comments: "What with Vodaphone and google we are looking at a lot of avoidable cuts here. Now how many jobs would be lost in this country id Vodaphone and google pulled out of the UK and other big tax avoidance companies. Compare that to the loss of the amount of jobs in the public sector lost. Add the equation of the amount of jobs saved if the taxes were paid. Granted the government are battling with other countries striking deals but they also play the game."

City Wire

"Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg is furious with the Institute for Fiscal Studies for calling the spending cuts 'regressive' and saying they will hit families."

Classic Labour thinks: "Clegg's attack on the IFS is silly. He argues that the spending changes in the 2010 Spending Review will enhance the future earning power of the poor (school premium etc). No jam now but jam tomorrow. I am surprised that he has not added that making people poorer with incentivise them to work harder and produce yet more jam tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes and to base redistribution studies on future incomes is fantasy."

The Motley Fool

"It's fun to think Twitter might be a crystal ball, but is it right?" Can twitter predict the stock markets?

F958B comments: "There is also a strong link between recent stockmarket performance and current US consumer sentiment; it's because so many people hold shares that when prices rise, they're happy and will spend. When asset prices decline, people are miserable and cut back spending. If I remember correctly, even the US government/central bank has acknowledged the importance of strong asset prices on their economy. Given that the general public tend to sell shares at the lows and buy shares at the highs, it should not be surprising that poor sentiment on social sites translates to people being unhappy with their investments to the point of wanting to bail out…"

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