Community Views : What’s on the boards today….23rd Dec 2010

23rd December 2010

The Daily Telegraph

"Top 10 Economics stories of 2011 – in pictures."

The Daily Telegraph

"Homeowners should start preparing for interest rate rises ahead of a return to "normalised" levels of around 5pc, a senior Bank of England official has warned."

William Topping says:"Printing Money = Inflation. However you look at it, the house price bubble is going to burst, its the only way out of this mess. And don't pretend it's anyone else's fault either. You were all up for the con when it suited you."

The Daily Mail has also covered this story:

Jack Russell comments:"For three years… many of us have stood on the sidelines – and watched in disbelief… as the Labour government and the Bank of England – held down interest rates… in a totally artificial way. Maybe the intentions were good – to help families struggling with mortgage payments. But… it was common sense – and inevitable – that this simply couldn't go on.

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