Community Views : What’s on the boards today….24th Jan 2011

24th January 2011

The Telegraph

"Europe's banks are facing an exodus of staff to US rivals as regulatory and political pressure drives a growing pay divide between financial institutions headquartered on either side of the Atlantic."

steveinaustria comments: "I do not think the Americans will want them, they have enough people of their own that can do these jobs. Most intelligent people with the right training can do what these people do. I'm afraid that many people, especially bankers it seems, mistake their good fortune for brilliance."

The Telegraph

"The number of British companies in financial distress has risen for the first time since the beginning of 2009, in a statistic that will drive fears that Britain could be entering a double-dip recession."

Peter Snelson says: "'Britain leaves Europe and slashes taxes and regulations on companies to compete with East'. When we see that headline I will return and start employing again. So will many others over here."

The BBC has also reported this story.

The Guardian community are saying:

DustDevil writes: "The bitter tang of a stagnant economy. In my more wildly cynical moments, I wonder if this was the plan all along; bring so many SMEs to their knees that the voracious money-men can indulge in a little disaster capitalism. Nobody would be that evil, would they?"

The Telegraph

"The price of cocoa is expected to spike on Monday after the Ivory Coast's president-elect, Alassane Ouattara, imposed a one-month ban on cocoa exports in an effort to oust his rival."

The Financial Times has covered this as well.

This Is Money

"Ministers have threatened to break up banks after talks to ensure another £10bn is lent to struggling businesses and homeowners stalled."

Henry thinks : "I bet the banks are really quaking in their boots. After all, Dave and George really showed them who's boss on bonuses."

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