Community Views : What’s on the boards today….27th Oct 2010

27th October 2010

The Daily Telegraph

"Interest rates will start to rise sooner than expected after official figures showed the economy growing at its fastest rate for a decade, economists have said."

caretaker says: "I'll believe it when I see it!, and not before."

 The Daily Telegraph

"The pound and government debt yields soared on Tuesday as traders scrapped their forecasts for more quantitative easing after UK growth figures trounced expectations, delivering the recovery a welcome shot in the arm."

mugambo comments: "Not so fast: This news has sell by date 26th Oct 2010 and use by 27th Oct 2010 just watch to-day, this piece of news will be history."

The Guardian

"Thousands of higher rate taxpayers, who pay 50% tax on their income in the UK, will be allowed to keep their secret accounts in Zurich and Geneva and pay a low tax rate after the Treasury failed to secure agreement on sharing bank details."

M0ngrel thinks: "Uber wealthy tax avoiders cost us 40 billion a year and the government sits on their thumbs. Benefit fraud costs us 1 billion a year and yet time and again this 'fair' government points the finger at them. Where's my number to call to shop a billionaire tax avoider?"

The Guardian

"The 'Junior Isa' children's savings account replaces the scrapped child trust fund and will be introduced next Autumn"

concernmum thinks: "why bother with a child ISA, after all children saving account are tax free anyway. Unless of course, you are so rich that you had to stash away the hundreds of thousands into an ISA. All the more to enable the rich elite to avoid tax."

The Daily Mail

"Millions of workers will automatically be enrolled in company pension schemes under plans to be unveiled today."

Terry from Leicester comments: "Private pensions not worth the paper their written on , Brown taxed it and the Pension companys rip you off , I got two private pensions going back 35 years , wish I had put the money under the bed would be worth more , private pensions = lets rip em off."

The Daily Mail

"75% of incapacity claimants are fit to work: Tough new benefits test weeds out the workshy"

Ahsan from Surrey thinks: "It's really shame that genuine people who should get state support are being vilified because of false claim by scroungers."

The Motley Fool

"Investing In Nuclear Power . It's a sector with glowing prospects!"

jackdaww comments: "nuclear waste has a half life of 10,000 years . thats right – TEN THOUSAND. from an investment point of view, its not known how to store it safely for that long, but its likely to be very expensive. VERY."

Wall Street Journal

"Spain's banks are selling valuable branches and seeking government help to find renters for foreclosed homes as they try to prop up their bottom lines amid continuing trauma in their deteriorating loan portfolios and other problems."

Vlad Tepes comments: "Sweet.. So Spanish government to pay to the banks rents, and put into those houses some welfare recipients. Just keep it this way: when in a hole, dig deeper."

Financial Times

"How the British prefer to register displeasure. The economic downturn, and the measures that have followed it, have provoked public discontent in many countries. When Americans pick up their guns, and the French take to the streets, the British agonise over whether life is fair."

Fair's Fair comments: "The fairest approach is to support the most productive in society by cutting the unproductive. Defining productive and unproductive is difficult; which leaves the gate open for plenty of talk and political nonsense."

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