Community Views : What’s on the boards today….28th Oct 2010

28th October 2010

The Daily Telegraph

"House prices are still falling, says Nationwide"

bedfordfalls comments "Didn't we see an article recently that suggested that ASKING prices were up 1.5%?"

The Daily Telegraph

"The simmering crisis on the eurozone fringes has erupted again as the full impact of debt deflation hits home, testing political solaridity and raising fresh doubts about the workability of Europe's austerity policies."

humf comments: "Just as predicted: by the time this winter is through the EU will more hated and have even less credibilty – than ever before. Rock 'n' Roll. A-hahahahahaha!"

The Daily Telegraph

"US authorities are operating a "brazen" Ponzi scheme in government debt by buying trillions of dollars of bonds to stimulate the economy, according to Bill Gross, managing director of Pimco, the world's biggest bond house."

wol thinks: "I do wish people would stop parotting the phrase "Quantitive Easing". It's a weasel phrase, invented to cover up the truth, which is the devaluation of our savings.

You are living in LaLa land if you really believe that the chickens don't know the way back to the roost."

The Guardian

"Loss of ecosystems perceived by banks and insurance companies to be a greater economic risk than terrorism, finds UN report"

Wingnut101 comments: "Excellent news, an indication of the global community starting to get their priorities straight at last."

The Independent

"The internet is worth £100bn to the British economy, making a larger contribution than transport or utilities, as the country becomes "a nation of digital shopkeepers"."

DeadReckoning thinks: "Ah, but the replacement for Royal Mail willl jack up prices and destroy the mail order market like the railway companies have done for train travel."

The Independent

"After the Brics, the economies to watch will be the 'next 11' . Nations seen as bubbling under about to break out include Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa, Egypt, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Vietnam, South Korea and Turkey."

Graham Bond thinks: "Its not the Brics or next 11 we need to worry about. It's the effect of taxation on the investments we make that will make an investment good or bad. Good tax planning can make all the difference when looking at investments in general."

The Daily Mail

"Locked out of the housing market: How first-time buyers would have to save every penny for two years to get deposit"

Theron Ho from Whitstable says: "Stewart Baseley, executive chairman of the HBF said

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