Community Views : What’s on the boards today….4th April 2011

4th April 2011

The Telegraph

"Britons may well be looking forward to a day off work to mark the Royal wedding, but the economy will pay the price, new analysis has revealed."

truthseekers says: "Royal wedding , Snow – poor excuses – This economy is in bad shape – there is little confidence for a reason – all the talking it up + blaming other things won't help"

This is Money is discussing how the economy will faire during the Royal wedding:

The Guardian

"Tesco starts second hand car business. Supermarket group says Tesco cars will cut out the middlemen – and offer Clubcard points"

harrisonic along with most of the Guardian community won't be heading over to Tesco: "Of course there'll be a middleman – called Tesco! Cars won't be any cheaper, just you'll pay the margin to bloody Tesco. AND they'll be twisting your arm to buy finance, a warranty, insurance, accessories. My idea of hell."

The Telegraph have covered this as well:

keepcalm is more optimistic:"I wish Tesco could take over the civil service and many other areas of the public sector. Tesco is tightly managed and provides a level of service that most ordinary people find acceptable. What would be wrong with a Tesco hospital or school?"

While colingillies says: "Can nobody kill the beast? Tesco is the true unacceptable face of capitalism. The Competition Comission should take a good hard look and HMRC should have a go at them as well. Tesco are in the same league as McDonalds, Starbucks and Sky kill the competion and then charge what you like as the consumer will have no choice."

The Telegraph

"Vodafone has sold its 44pc stake in SFR, France's second largest mobile phone operator, to Vivendi for £6.8bn (€7.75bn) and said it will return £4bn of the proceeds to shareholders."

jackjones writes: "So the best thing for shareholders cash that the Board can think of is to give it back to them? Surely this is a clear sign – "we've run out of ideas, so take your money back and go and find something to invest in that's more likely to make you a decent return".

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