Community Views : What’s on the boards today….4th Nov 2010

4th November 2010

The Daily Telegraph

"Fed prints another $600bn to keep US recovery on track"

Deltawave comments: "So, if I was to scan in and print some tenners and then use them to buy say groceries, that must be fine. I can argue in court I'm adding liquidity into the market place.Whenever some one realises they have a dud tenner they want to buy something really quickly so they get rid of it."

 The Guardian

"Home sellers slash asking prices. Stagnating housing market sees more than a third of vendors in the UK reduce the asking price of their property."

eboy says: "Finally some good news about house prices, a relief after the last ten years of severe house-price inflation doom-and-gloom."

The Independent

"Upturn eases burden on Bank of England"

Hesperidean comments: "Amazing that recovery is called higher tuition fees, cuts in spending, lengthening of dole queues. In my opinion nothing will start to be definitely fixed until those corporations that so much earned in the buoyant times re-invest their profits gradually. Retrieve them from their coffers abroad and globalisation be stopped once and for ever."

The Independent

"Simon Wolfson, Next's chief executive, has warned that a "speculative bubble" in the cotton market will lead to near-double-digit price rises on clothing next year"

Hesperidean thinks:"Shall we go back to Adam and Eve's clothing habits? I cannot see how a cloth bubble could be generated, unless stimulating egos be the cause."

The Daily Mail

"Millions stand to lose £14,000 when retirement age is raised"

Joe Scaramanga from London writes: "But surely, you're losing £14,000 of pension money, but working for an extra two years which will earn you MORE than £14,000. From a paper that continually bangs on about scroungers, surely you should be in favour of making people work a couple of extra years to ease the burden on the DWP."

The Big Picture

The books this financial community are reading …

The Economist

"Real output in the euro zone remains well below the pre-recession peak."

bampbs writes: "Germany is doing well. Once again, if you're a small Eurozone country that needs a monetary policy that's different from what the big guys need, tough luck. Germany has benefited enormously from the inability of weaker Eurozone members to devalue, and thus make German exports less competitive. The payment for this benefit has at last come due."

The Wall Street Journal

"The Federal Reserve on Wednesday set the stage for falling yields on bonds of just about every stripe, providing fuel for a weaker dollar and higher stock and commodities prices."

Brad Paul thinks: "This is the worst monetary policy decision in the history of the United States."

The Financial Times

"QE2 blunderbuss likely to backfire"

george ballester jr thinks: "Bernanke's QE2 is a very dangerous act, debasing USD and encouraging international currency/trade war, that could lead to real war."

 Economists View

"Bernanke: What the Fed Did and Why"

bakho says: "It sounds like, "Cover your ass, at least we did something". They are ideologically blind to the fact that fiscal policy can be used for direct job creation. We are a nation run by political hacks."

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