Community Views : What’s on the boards today….6th April 2011

6th April 2011

The Telegraph

"The number of people placed in permanent jobs has slowed but pay is rising at the fastest rate in eight months, a new report reveals."

The community are discussing the prospect of black Wednesday:


"10 tax changes on 'worse off Wednesday'"

The Telegraph

"Britain's growth over the next three months will be roughly one third the pace of other major world economies, according to forecasts from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development, as the first full round of austerity kicks in."

BBC's Stephanomics is discussing how the public will faire with the different changes:

Skittler writes: "Ed Balls says today is Black Wednesday for British families! Now that's a fine comment from the party that wasted the money in the first place. The most inept and incompetent administration in history! If they had stayed in power think of the mess we would be in now. I don't know how he has the front to say anything."

The Daily Mail readers are saying:

ann deaves thinks: "Lunacy. Absolutely no incentive to work…. plenty of incentive to lead an irresponsible life and get the rest of the country to pick up the tab."

The Guardian

"Marks & Spencer sounds new note of caution on high street trading. Pressure on disposable incomes and higher commodity prices cited as reasons to be fearful by retailer"

Papichulow comments: "I really don't know what M&S is complaining about, they had better profits than last year yet they are "fearful" for the future and the Asda boss said they expect "misery" for the next two years, Asda is part of K-Mart, the biggest supermarket chain in the world. What do these companies want from consumers, blood?"

The Financial Times

"Commerzbank has set out plans to repay €14.3bn ($20.4bn) of capital to the German government to reduce substantially its dependence on state aid."

FT Alphaville are discussing this as well:

Tish Akiko says: "Well they would say that wouldn't they well do have massive exposure to PIIGS but worse case is how much they have in loan exposure and SD to the AREA on there balance sheet,As to hair cuts have they been talking to ministry of finance lately and the dithering Chancellor thought she want every to get the mullet cut."

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