Community Views : What’s on the boards today….8th Nov 2010

8th November 2010

The Daily Telegraph

"The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has been warned that new commodities funds being launched by investment banks pose a danger to the metal markets and are a bad deal for investors."

winwin says: "Gold is tangible. Housing bonds are intangible. go figure."

 The Guardian

"G20 showdown likely over US Federal Reserve's quantitative easing. Angela Merkel expected to lead opposition in Seoul to Bernanke's QE2 programme."

thesnufkin thinks: "QE2 – make the rich richer uin the hope that a little of the money trickles down to us. Trickle down. A very appropriate term. We really are being p*ssed on."

 The Guardian

"The US has championed free trade – at grave cost to itself. To avoid a trade war, other countries must now share the burden"

basetwo comments: "The USA brought it on itself by being too self interested. The greed which brought the country and most of the world to a financial crisis was born in the USA."

 The Motley Fool

"Cameron Tempts Tech Firms To London . Can London's grimy East End rival California's sun-blessed West Coast? This week our prime minister decamped to the trendy spot on the fringes of East London, dodging the Flat White coffee sippers and antique bicycle riders, to outline his vision of Shoreditch as a rival to California's Bay Area economy."

simoan comments: "This is the most ridiculous government posturing I've heard in ages. The great thing about modern communications technology is that it doesn't matter in the slightest where you are based in the world, let alone in the UK. If you have technology that people want, nobody cares whether you're based in a gleaming tower in East London or a croft in the Outer Hebrides.

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