Consumers face energy bill hike as winter white-out approaches

20th November 2015


Consumers face a £1.2 billion increase in energy bills as the worst winter in years is forecast.


The record cold winter that is being predicted will have a devastating impact on consumers’ energy costs, according to


Gas bills are set to rise by 6.2% over the winter months, costing consumers £1.2 billion more.


This year is expected to be one of the worst winters since ‘The Big Freeze’ of 2009/10 meaning households will have to turn their heating on more as they battle the cold.


Based on the National Grid’s expected energy usage and current energy tariffs, Britons are likely to see an estimated £46 extra on their annual gas bill.


One in three consumers admit to being shocked when they open their energy bill but the anticipated demand for gas during the winter months will make the surprise even nastier.


James Padmore, head of energy at, said: ‘El Nino is set to cause a winter of financial discontent for British consumers. The increased use of gas to heat homes will put a large dent in consumer finances.


‘The £46 that we calculate may be added to a household’s annual bill, as a result of increased energy usage during the severe winter, is a sum of money most people would prefer to spend on Christmas presents at this time of year. Furthermore, costs will be far higher than necessary for those households which have not actively sought out the best deals. Our latest data shows that the majority of consumers who switch energy provider save substantially over £200 a year, which more than offsets the financial damage of the winter white-out.’



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    If you think this is true, then BUY UTILITIES!

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