Corbyn attacks Tories’ economic record and pledges “more caring society”

29th September 2015


Jeremy Corbyn has promised “a more caring society” and an end to “inequality and injustice”, while attacking Tory economic policy in his speech to the Labour Party Conference in Brighton this afternoon.

He said he would look at offering maternity and paternity leave to the self-employed, address the housing crisis by building 100,000 more council homes per year and renationalise the railways.

Corbyn tackled David Cameron’s claims that he represents a threat to the security of British families:

He said: “Where’s the security for families shuttled around the private rented sector on six month tenancies – with children endlessly having to change schools?

“Where’s the security for those tenants afraid to ask a landlord to fix a dangerous structure in their own homes because they might be evicted because they’ve gone to the local authority to seek the justice they’re entitled to?

“Where’s the security for the carers struggling to support older family members as Tory local government cuts destroy social care and take away the help they need?

“Where’s the security for young people starting out on careers knowing they are locked out of any prospect of ever buying their own home by soaring house prices?

“Where’s the security for families driven away from their children’s schools, their community and family ties by these welfare cuts?

“Where’s the security for the hundreds of thousands taking on self-employment with uncertain income, no sick pay, no Maternity Pay, no paid leave, no pension now facing the loss of the tax credits that keep them and their families afloat?

“And there’s no security for the 2.8 million households in Britain forced into debt by stagnating wages and the Tory record of the longest fall in living standards since records began.”

Corbyn added: “And that’s the nub of it. Tory economic failure. An economy that works for the few, not for the many.”

He also warned of the dangers of future interest rises as a result of an economic recovery that has been built on debt and house price inflation.

He said: “It hasn’t been growing exports and a stronger manufacturing sector that have underpinned the feeble economic recovery. It’s house price inflation, asset inflation, more private debt.

“Unbalanced. Unsustainable. Dangerous.

“The real risk to economic and family security.

“To people who have had to stretch to take on mortgages.

“To people who have only kept their families afloat through relying on their credit cards, and payday loans. Fearful of how they will cope with a rise in interest rates.”

Corbyn underlined his opposition to renewing the Trident nuclear weapons system, despite the fact shadow defence secretary Maria Eagle does not share his views.

Eagle is to lead a review on the subject.

However, Corbyn said he wants to protect the jobs and skills of those working in the defence sector.

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