Cost of a WAG’s World Cup suitcase is almost £7,000 greater than the average Briton’s

12th June 2014

As the England team are heading out to this year’s World Cup in Brazil, a new generation of WAGs are jetting off to join their other halves.

And when it comes to travelling in style, WAGs are the ones to watch! In fact, according to new research by, the cost of an average WAG’s suitcase and its contents is valued at £7,2832. This is a whopping £6,968 difference compared with the average value of a British traveller’s luggage, which stands at £3153.

The question of WAGs being allowed to the World Cup has been an on-going debate; but this year we will see the likes of Jourdan Dunn, Kimberley Crew, Christine Bleakley, Coleen Rooney and Alex Gerrard flying to Brazil to support their footballing fellas. So this could mean mountains of designer clothes, over-sized shades and Christian Louboutins will soon be winging their way to this year’s World Cup.

From a £2,500 Chanel handbag to a pair of Prada sunglasses worth £200, these are the sort of accessories that many people could only dream of owning. And, with the average value of a British traveller’s luggage standing at £315, items like these may be thin on the ground for most. However, the research from the leading price-comparison site reveals that some Brits are trying to emulate a WAG’s wardrobe, with a quarter of people (25%) admitting that they carry designer items in their luggage.

And it’s not just the contents of a suitcase that can add that designer element. Many travellers are opting for designer cases to ensure they travel in style – which often come with a hefty price-tag. The most popular brand of choice is Samsonite (13%), followed by Antler (9%). Other designer brands included Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Armani, Marc Jacobs and Mulberry – all staple brands of a WAG.

Money isn’t something that WAGs have to worry about on a daily basis, but for the majority of people life isn’t as luxurious. And with more than one in 10 Brits (13%) having either lost or had their baggage stolen when going on holiday, it’s in their best interests to protect their luggage when travelling.

Worryingly, holiday-makers are facing an average cost of £418 to replace their lost or stolen luggage– which for some people can be the same price as their actual holiday or flight. For an unlucky few (19%), lost luggage can cost a small fortune, ranging from £500 to £1,000. Shockingly, more than one in 10 (12%) have had their luggage lost or stolen already in 2014.

According to the research, travellers are more likely to lose or have their hand luggage stolen rather than their suitcase. Of those unfortunate globetrotters, over half (54%) had lost or had their hand luggage pinched whereas 46% found that their suitcase had gone missing or been taken.

When it comes to the one thing people couldn’t be without if their bags were lost or stolen, unsurprisingly their passport topped the list (20%). However, some luxury items were also mentioned, including electronic devices (17%), make-up (5%), jewellery (4%), designer shoes (2%) and designer handbags (2%) – items that would certainly top a WAG’s list!

Sammy-Lea Samways, head of travel at says: “Many people may aspire to the WAG lifestyle when going abroad. However, it’s not a cheap lifestyle to lead. And with so many Brits taking these expensive designer possessions away with them, to destinations such as Brazil for the World Cup, we want these travellers to be prepared.

“We hope travellers don’t get caught short by forgetting to protect their prized garments and beauty products with a travel insurance policy that includes adequate baggage cover. Having the right travel insurance in place can help make sure people are protected in the unfortunate event of baggage being lost or stolen.

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