Cost of Christmas energy set to collectively add £75m to Britons’ household bills

22nd December 2015


Christmas may be many a persons’ favourite time of the year but it is also in general the most expensive.

But after having shelled-out on presents, food and decorations, homeowners will also be hit with increased energy bills come the New Year according to MoneySuperMarket.

The comparison site analysed the amount of extra energy households will be using on Christmas and Boxing Day, finding those spending the holidays at home will face increased gas and electricity bills of £75m for just two days of the holiday season.

But a fifth of Britons, at 21%, admitted they are worried about the extra energy costs this Christmas, while two and a half million bill payers have no idea how they will cover them.

Just one in six, or 17%, felt they have no choice but to cover the costs.

Stephen Murray, energy expert, MoneySuperMarket, said: “It’s easy to get lost in the festivities on Christmas Day and forget about the associated costs of using household appliances.

“But unfortunately it all adds up. Over half of us will be spending Christmas and Boxing Day at home and will then face inflated energy bills come January, leaving many out of pocket and a large number of us worried about our finances.”

The analysis from MoneySuperMarket found central heating is the highest extra energy cost. But households plan to turn up the heat for an extra four hours a day, costing bill-payers across the country £31.5m – £3.15 each.

Britons are also set to turn on the oven for an extra five hours over Christmas and Boxing Day, costing an extra £1.48 per household. Using the washing machine will also add on the pounds, with an additional £2.63 due to be spent on the household chore.

Murray added: “Running these extra appliances over the holiday period costs money – energy bills are something that sting us all year round, and the last thing we want to be faced with is a huge energy bill hangover in January.

“Switching your energy provider can help you shave hundreds off your bill – whilst it won’t be in time for Christmas, it will certainly help in the New Year.”

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