Could ‘green’ bonds help tackle climate change?

27th June 2012


Germany the Euro Winner? Hardly

"The euro, it seems, bled Germany of capital which then fueled growth in southern Europe until 2008. Until then Germany performed worse than any other country in the euro zone and the E.U." Therefore, Germany has been the loser, not the winner of the euro, writes Gunnar Beck. New York Times


Greece is ungovernable (while the euro's derailment continues)

Economics Professor Yanis Varoufakis posts the transcript of an interview he did with Australia's ABC program, in which he presents a gloomy, yet realistic, view that it really matters little now what happens in Greece because in his words "Greece is finished." Yanis Varofakis


Why the New Egyptian President's Biggest Worry Could Be the Economy

According to Michael Schuman, Mohamed Morsy's political fate may depend on whether or not he can turn around an Egyptian economy besieged by slow growth and rising levels of debt. Time Buisness


Could "Green" Bonds Help Tackle Climate Change?

Farah Khalique says the idea is that an issuer, typically a bank, could issue a "covered" bond that is secured upon a pool of renewable energy loans, perhaps loans to wind farms or solar panel manufacturers. WSJ


Predators and Professors

MIT Economist Simon Johnson asks: Are America's great universities still the stalwart custodians of knowledge, leading forces for technological progress, and providers of opportunity that they once were? Or have they become, in part, unscrupulous accomplices to increasingly rapacious economic elites? Project Syndicate


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